El Nuevo Trabajo

Well the adventure begins!

As you all (now) know, I was recently accepted to an awesome position with Outward Bound Costa Rica. I will be their Student Enrollment Coordinator (or several other names it seems to go by). The short of it is, I’ll be working with prospective and incoming students getting them all set up for the semester, summer, and girl scout courses. I’m beyond excited and think it’s the perfect fit for me. It melds my degree and love for the outdoors and adventure education with my office based skills.

I leave on February 2nd, and my contract is 14 months, ending April 4, 2014. My hope is that this will give me a little time after my contract before returning to the States in time for the rush on summer hiring.

In that time I’ll be living and working on their base in Ran Ramon de Tres Rios, east of San Jose. This means we’re inland in the rainforest, not coastal. When I was going through my lengthy interview process, they kept telling me how remote base is and that it’s a trek to get to town, but on the maps it didn’t seem remote at all. I will just have to update you when I get there.

For everyone asking… yes you can come visit! You can also send me letters and packages (but check with me first, because apparently they have very high taxes on certain things coming in). I’ll still have internet, phone, and cell (but my number will be changing). So since I’m only working instead of doing 500 projects, I’ll probably be more accessible in Costa Rica than I ever was in the States. 🙂

This blog is really a reflection of so many of you asking for a blog or updates. I wouldn’t really consider myself “a blogger” so I’m not making any promises on this. I will do my best to update it weekly and fill it with as many photos as possible.

Off to packing… ooh, that should be my next post. This whole packing thing is CRAZY.


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