Cuatro de Julio

Last Thursday I watched Despicable Me in Spanish, hung out with a bunch of gringos in Costa Rica watching fireworks, and finished up the night eating tacos with Columbians and dancing! What a great way to celebrate Independence Day!

There has been a big lead up to the 4th of July since I arrived here. Apparently there are enough North Americans here that the holiday is an excuse to party even in Costa Rica!

We don’t get any holidays off at work, but we called the work day a little early and headed into Escazu. This is the fancy/wealthy area of Costa Rica. The mall, it’s like a REAL mall. It makes you feel like a REAL person. Life on the mountain can get pretty dirty and gross, but being here made us all feel so much better! Plus, they have this:

Put your kid in a giant ziplock bag, blow it up, then put them in a pool. So much fun!

Put your kid in a giant ziplock bag, blow it up, then put them in a pool. So much fun!

Allison and I headed to the movies (with our new friends) hoping to find something good. What’s better than Despicable Me 2 in 3D in Spanish? (Also known as Mi Villano Favorito 2.) We then headed to “party central” for the fireworks. I guess the rain scared most people away because it was pretty quiet but allowed us to get great seats for the fireworks. We met some new PeaceCorps friends (they’re everywhere here!) and chatted with them while watching the show.

Fireworks here are definitely not legal in the U.S. They explode very very low and you can see them hitting the ground. But it’s Costa Rica, who cares?!?!

To end the night we went back to Jeff’s house and had some tacos with his Columbian roommate and her brother before heading out for some dancing. I met a very very patient Tico who worked with my terrible dance skills. The best part about Latino dance partners? If you’re not in the right place at the right time, they just move you so you are. 🙂

It was a great and very unique way to end our cuatro de julio.

In other news… tomorrow I head off to Bocas to meet Charlie and finally dive!


2 thoughts on “Cuatro de Julio

  1. Luz Badberg

    that sound like a lot of fun, so glad you are enjoying yourself. BTW that taco looked more like a tostada.

    1. kirbirogers Post author

      Yes, in the US it would be a tostada. Here… a taco. Actually, if you’re in a restaurant in CR and see “tacos” on the menu, it’s usually taquitos. Unless it’s a gringo restaurant, then it’s a gamble. They don’t differentiate well here. 🙂


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