Vida en la Montaña

Life on the mountain can be eventful. You never know when you’re going to wake up to a puppy full of porcupine quills or cows outside your front door.

However, in general, life on the mountain can get pretty routine. It’s a much different way of life than I’m used to. When work ends at 5pm there’s not much to do so you find ways to kill time. (I had no idea this much free time was even possible!) I’ve been keeping busy by taking Coursera classes, working on my Spanish, learning to cook and bake, and watching way more Netflix than I ever thought possible.

Driveway into base

Driveway into base

Our work hours are relatively short. And when your commute is a 30 second walk, work takes up much less of your day. Sometimes I’ll work crazy long weeks and 10-12 hour days, but other weeks I’m bored by 11am. Since we can wake up a 8:50am and be to work on time, this often leads to an unconventional schedule of going out on week nights. Apparently this was VERY common with the last group, but we usually venture out about once a week.

Just to give you an idea of last week: Go to bed Monday night without electricity. Wake up Tuesday morning without running water. Go to Matisyahu concert Tuesday night and fall into bed at about 3am. Roll out of bed at 8:20am to be at work by 8:30 (and still technically be a half hour early to work). But then Saturday rolls around and we’re in bed by 8:30pm.

Typical Saturday... lounging in (or under) the hammock.

Typical Saturday… lounging in (or under) the hammock.

Lots of excitement coming up though! I leave on Thursday for my boarder run… my fist solo trip here. Nicaragua here I come! 

Then my parents come next week! Yay! And just a month after they leave Charlie comes! One of my roommates and I have also made a commitment to travel at least once a month. I’m living in Costa Rica and I really need to start taking advantage of it.


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