Una Caminata en la Montana (Part 3)

Congratulations, you have made it to the final stage of my epic hike!

Don’t worry, this one is much shorter.

On Sunday we woke up and headed back to PB for breakfast before heading out to hike up the mountain. This hike was rough. Spending three days on my messed up toe (I had no idea a toe could be so important) was finally catching up to me. Add that to my knee that I hyper-extended coming into PB on Friday, and I was a wreck!

Our hike out started out nice enough: through the rainforest, by another homestay, and across a cable car set-up over a river. But then it was just up-hill in no shade forever.
Cable car across the river

We finally made it to the top with a huge thanks to my wonderful roommate Meag who helped carry some things in an attempt to help me hurt less. I’m not sure if it helped or not, but it was INCREDIBLY kind of her.

At the top we were met by our driver who drove us out of the mountains. (I will do a whole post on driving at some point… these people are CRAZY!) We headed into Manuel Antonio to catch our bus home. After 3 1/2 hours to San Jose then another hour to our bus stop,  we were finally home!
"Blood of Jesus Christ" plant

It was an exhausting weekend but so much fun! The experience will definitely help me do my job better when speaking to students about courses, but it is also an adventure I will never forget.


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